Damon Moore

Vital Stats

  • Name: Damon ‘Moorbius’ Moore
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Weight: 185 pounds of fighting muscle
  • Hometown: Napa, California

How It All Started

A long time ago when the Ice sheets were still large there was this guy riding hydrofoils named Gary Harris and I think he was the first to do a front flip (I would have to ask Murphy). He worked at Marine World and would ski with some friends of mine on the river I grew up at. They in turn taught me.

MY Foil Setup

LE latest and greatest with the killer Evo seat and killer winglets.

Where I Ride

Mostly the Delta with some adventures to other bodies of water through the year.

Tricks I Own

Moorball, Moorbius, and a lot of front flips and helis.

Tricks I am working on


Tricks I Want To Learn

Double front flip. I almost hit it once off the double up and can’t get it out of my head.

Where I Live

Bright blue sunshine of California.

Favorite Hydrofoil Tricks

Mobs and Helis.

Q & A

  • What inspires me to compete? Being number 1.
  • Describe my style. Go big and as clean as I can and then do it some more.
  • Why I like this sport? Freedom of flight. I can go out and jump over a boat load of people and not even sweat doing it.
  • How's life treating me? All is good and looking forward each day.
  • My most embarrassing moment? It would have to be the first time BJ (one of my ski buddies) saw me ride. The water was glassy and he came up in another boat. I cut out to do a gainer next to his boat and at the time I wasn’t good with glassy water and had trouble seeing the plan of the surface. I went for a huge Gainer and miscalculated the takeoff. Well, I didn’t make it very high or far and slammed my face to the water and all I heard was this voice clear as day say “This guy SUCKS!” I still remember that and would like to take that back.