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Easy-up "Deep-V" Handle Easy-up "Deep-V" Handle

Easy up "Deep V" Handle makes it easier for beginners to learn how to get up on a Sky Ski. Just put the tip of the board into the "y" of the handle and it will help keep the tip of the board in front of you as you start out. As you come up on top of the water the handle slides easily off the tip of the board.

Our Price: $40.00
Ronix Combo 4.0 Ronix Combo 4.0

  • Hide with square stitch embroidery grip
  • 3mm thick memory foam
  • 1.15” handle diameter
  • Strung with 12-strand dyneema rope
  • Filled inside with EVA for flotation
  • Solin 75ft mainline w/ 5-sections

    (assorted colors)

Our Price: $129.99
Wake Board Rack Arms (ONLY) Wake Board Rack Arms (ONLY)

This Sky Ski wakeboard rack is designed to securely hold your wakeboard or sky ski on the side of your boat. It features a robust construction, likely made from aluminum or stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion in a marine environment. The rack includes an upper clamp with rubber-lined fingers that can be adjusted to fit different board sizes, providing a firm grip. The lower support has curved ends to cradle the board’s edge, preventing any damage during storage. This setup maximizes space on your boat while keeping your equipment easily accessible and well-protected.

List Price: $500.00
Our Price: $500.00
: $375.00
Savings: $125.00