Darren Dinkel

Darren Dinkel - Lets talk about ME & Sky Ski....

  • It is my yesterday, my tomorrow, & my future!
  • MY Foil Virginity - 2003 Thanks to Sky Ski for making the ride of the century.
  • MY Foil Setup - LE-38 Sky Ski; Lightweight board, Evolution Tower, Max-air front wing & Fling rear wing. All Sky Ski & IT ROCKS....
  • Where I ride - West Coast, East Coast, whenever its time to throw down....
  • Tricks I own - You will just have to wait & see
  • Tricks I am working on - All of them.....all the time....tricks can always get sicker and better!
  • Tricks I want to learn - All of them!!
  • Where I live - Denver Colorado is my home town, but I currently live in Canyon Lake, California
  • Favorite Hydrofoil Tricks...(but not limited to) - Laid out Front Flip, 360, Ball-n-Chain, Double back flip
  • What inspires me to compete? - I am inspired to compete because I love holding a world ranking for my sport. Plus, I always look to what the new competitors are bring to the table against me.
  • Describing my style - My riding style is unpredictable. "FREE STYLE"....You just never know what I am going to throw at you next! I am never scared to try anything new. It is my thrill to do things never before done.....I am a "TRUE trendsetter".
  • Why I like this sport? - Because it is new, fun and you get so much AIR!!! There are so many tricks that have never been done before or that need to be created. And there is so much new ground to discover!
  • How's life treating me? - Great....as long as I am on the WATER!! My personal goal is to get a main sponsor to take with me on my journeys at competitions with this new and upcoming sport.
  • My most embarrassing moment? - When riding along at 27 mph.....I cut out to do a 360 tick, and WHAMMM!!! My foil caught the bottom of the lake and I was slammed down face first to the ground......Man it felt really good! We knew it was shallow but seriously....

Thanks for checking out my page!! Darren Dinkel, Team Rider for Sky Ski - Sullen Clothing - Army Monster Energy Drink