Laird Hamilton

Laird Hamilton is one of the most iconic surfers of our time, and a forerunner of stand up paddle surfing. With his vast knowledge of the intricacies of surfing, paddle surfing, and water sports in general, Laird can be considered one of the leading industry experts. Sky Ski recognized Laird's invaluable know how, and formed a partnership over 10 years ago to aid and supply Laird products for the advancement of his foilboard designs. Laird is also a fitness guru and shows really how water sports, can be a means to a healthy lifestyle. Laird's influence can be seen with the popular "Blame Laird" gear, which is becoming increasingly famous. Check out Laird's website for more information on the Laird lifestyle.

Legendary surfer Laird Hamilton has been riding Sky Ski Hydrofoils on his foilboards since the late 90's.